The Outrageous Costs of Testing Associated with Common Core. Why are we Americans allowing this to be the case for our children?

PARCC Test Cost: Higher for Nearly Half the States

July 22, 2013  by Catherine Gewertz


So, on this beautiful, summer day, I sat down at my laptop thinking I would search some current events articles to enrich our novel and poetry units this upcoming school year.

Look what I stumbled upon.  As an educator, I constantly feel like the Common Core Curriculum Standards are lurking in the shadows, stalking me.

I always look forward to a brand new school year.  I consider this rejuvenation a perk of the job.  I know I will always harbor this excitement, especially as I receive class lists and then greet and meet new young people entering our classroom.  However, there is now a strand of dread within me because of the country’s direction in Public Education with THESE Common Core Standards.

I am not against federal guidelines and expectations nor am I against accountability and assessment.  However, we parents need to see through the rhetoric of this proposed panacea for our students.  Not only are there unnecessary and outrageous financial costs, but more importantly, please consider the human capital costs of measuring every unique child with the same criteria.

We truly are in the fight of our lives for this generation of our youth!

Let’s J.A.M.!

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